About Bitsten Token ( BST )

Bitsten Token ( BST ) is a utility token that is used on the Bitsten exchange platform, BST token holders get the following benefits.

Reward for HOLD

50% from bitsten exchange user transaction fee, will be given to BST token holders.

Burn for Listing New Project

Each project will be listed on Bitsten , it will require burn 60,000 BST ( 0.5% of total supply ).

Trading Fee discount

By having 10,000 BST on the Bitsten Exchange platform, all your trading transactions will automatically get a 25% discount.

BST Hero

Last 50 Best Bitsten Token holder on Bitsten Exchange Platform

BST balance
30 Days reward


Hold your BST at bitsten exchange platform and get daily reward from fee transaction.


Create liquidity at Pancakeswap and deposit lp to desentralize Bitsten Finance.


Invite your friend to join Bitsten Exchange and get 25% fee transaction referral.

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